Best Slimming Fashion Tips and Tricks

Sometimes it’s easier to look like you lost weight rather than go to the gym, eat healthier and drink plenty of water. The good thing is that in fashion you can easily trick the eyes and look slimmer without even trying. Below, you will find the best slimming fashion tips and tricks that will make a big difference in how you look and feel.

Tips and Tricks for a Slimmer Figure

Darker Jeans– While faded jeans might be cool and work with some styles they can make you look washed out yourself. They can also show every little bump and fold. Instead, choose dark color jeans. They look fresh off the press and will make you appear slimmer.

High-Rise Jeans– Another great trick is to put on a pair of high rise jeans or pants. They will help tuck away all the rolls and keep them in place. Your legs will also appear longer.

Cinch the Dress– If you love a nice loose dress or shirt but it makes you look pregnant, add a belt. Cinch the dress or dress shirt at the waist and it will give you a slimmer look and a better figure.

Heels– Not all heels are the same so grab a few pairs. A good option are pointed-toe heels. Heels will help make you actually taller but they also make your legs look longer.

Wear Darker Colors– You don’t have to dress head to toe in black to look slimmer but you should wear solid colors. If you want your hips to look slimmer, avoid patterns. Instead, put on a black pencil shirt or solid color option and a lighter top.

Opt for V-Neck– A v-neck shirt, dress, or blouse can make you appear slimmer and taller. It helps show off your neck and makes it appear elongated.

Vertical Stripes– Another slimming fashion tips to try is adding vertical stripes to your wardrobe. Striped trousers, dress or shirt will all help the eyes move down making you look longer.

Flared Bottoms– Whether it’s jeans or trousers a flared look will make you look taller. Put on a pair of skinny jeans, take a picture and then try on a flared bottom option. You will finally understand why every woman in the 70’s looked tall and slim.

Additional Tips for a Slimmer Look

When it comes to fashion you want to be comfortable not just stylish. We are not all Kim Kardashian and don’t need to take out ribs or suffer for fashion. Another simple way to make your dresses and other attire look better is to put on shapewear. You’ll find a wide variety of styles and options that are affordable and comfortable. I love to wear shapewear under dresses because they lift and tuck everything in place. Other fashion slimming tips and tricks include low-high dresses and skirts. Showing off the legs at the front will give the illusion of you being taller than you are. If you are a petite woman, avoid wearing items that are too long and wide. This will make you appear even smaller.

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