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Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

It’s getting cooler, the days are slowly getting shorter, and comfy sweater season is upon us. This autumn, you’ll have plenty of great fashion choices to pick from. If you’re ready for colder days, hot chocolate nights and your favorite oversize sweater, let us explore fall 2020 fashion trends! What’s Trending in Fall? Colorful Suits– […]

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The Trendy Tie Shoulder Straps

bathing suit shoulder straps

If you have never worn a top or dress with tie shoulder straps, it’s time! This small detail can help elevate your attire to a new level. Whether it’s a shirt, dress, or even a bathing suit top, the tie shoulder look is hot this summer and can be seen everywhere. Interesting Tie Shoulder Straps […]

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Best Slimming Fashion Tips and Tricks

fashion slimming tips

Sometimes it’s easier to look like you lost weight rather than go to the gym, eat healthier and drink plenty of water. The good thing is that in fashion you can easily trick the eyes and look slimmer without even trying. Below, you will find the best slimming fashion tips and tricks that will make […]

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How to Wear Athleisure

athletic wear

In 1958 spandex were created and it changed the way we dress, not only for fitness purpose, but daily. By the 70s spandex were marketed for aerobics fitness and the Olympics. Today, athleisure wear is everywhere and is adorned by celebrities as well as everyday Joe Shmoe. You don’t have to be going to the […]

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Will there ever be a fashion show in “real life” again?

digital fashion show in real life

Due to the COVID-19 pendemic, fashion weeks have not been the same. For one, celebrities didn’t get to be all dolled up, front and centered, watching the show. Besides that, models, venues, florists, caterers, DJs, and other fashion show crew members are out of work. Due to the virus, a lot of things in fashion […]

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Summer Color Pairing Trends 2020

navy blue dress

Every year there is are plenty of new fashion trends to try as well as new colors we should add to our closets. This summer, stock up on stylish pieces and colors that go together and are perfect for upcoming colder months as well. One color that you will see everywhere this year is navy […]

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How Will Fashion Change After Lockdown?

covid-19 fashion mask

We’ve all spend a lot of time in our homes these past few months. Most of us gave up on getting ready in the morning and stayed in our pajamas the whole day. Others made sure to go through their closets and prepare their wardrobe for after quarantine life. As things are starting to get […]

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Stay at Home Fashion Trends

netflix and chill fashion

For most of us, we’ve been working from home during quarantine. While some of us get to use Slack and can be in our PJs during the meetings others use Zoom and are visible on camera. This makes it difficult to just roll out of bed, turn on your computer and join the chat. Instead, […]

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