Choosing the Right Midi Dress

This summer instead of putting on your favorite short shorts grab a flirty midi dress instead. Midi dresses are trending for summer 2020 and are perfect for any occasion. So, what are midi dresses and why are they so popular? Midi dresses or skirts have a hem that hits you below the knees. It’s any dress or skirt that stops at or around the mid calf. Whether you want to show off your legs or not stick to your leather couch, midi dresses are a great choice.

Choosing Midi Dresses

Today you’ll find a wide assortment of midi dress options. You will find casual midi dresses, formal midi dresses and even workwear dress options. Some great options for women include:

Flare Midi Dresses- If you want to create an illusion of wider hips, choose flare midi dresses. They should hug you around the waist and flare out. Choosing a dress that cinches higher at the waist can create more of a feminine shape. These options are also great for those trying to hide that quarantine belly you gained.

Swing Dress– A midi swing dress is another great option for all body types. These dresses usually hug you at the chest and flare out. If you’ve ever seen a 50s show or movie, you’ve seen a swing dress. A swing dress with a solid top and floral skirt will create more contrast and depth.

V-Neck Midi– Whether you have a chest or wish you had one, v-neck dresses can help. They can help bring the eyes towards your face and emphasize your neck. Whether the dress is boho style, floral, pinup style or other, a v-neck can make it even better.

Best Dresses for the Summer

Summer is here and in full force. Time to grab a summer dress and feel free. Unlike jeans, shorts or other tight fitting attire a dress is loose and comfortable. Midi dresses are great for any occasion and come in numerous styles. You can find a great midi dress that’s great for everyday and can be worn for your online zoom meetings. Be sure to add midi dresses to your stay at home fashion trends.

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