How to Wear Athleisure

In 1958 spandex were created and it changed the way we dress, not only for fitness purpose, but daily. By the 70s spandex were marketed for aerobics fitness and the Olympics. Today, athleisure wear is everywhere and is adorned by celebrities as well as everyday Joe Shmoe. You don’t have to be going to the gym in order to put on a pair of high waist yoga pants. You can wear your athletic wear in any casual settings and make it appear more stylish.

What is Athleisure?

The fitness boom started in the 70s giving us aerobics and bodybuilding. People, young and old, were making sure to squeeze in some sort of fitness routine into their lives. Today, it seems that this trend is back as we have more time at home and want to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic. So what does athletic wear mean?

When it comes to athleisure wear the aim is to be comfortable and lightweight so that you can move freely. You wouldn’t want to workout in your favorite skinny jeans especially if you need to unbutton them in order to sit down. Active fashion includes:

  • Yoga pants
  • Leggings
  • Sports bra
  • Yoga shorts
  • Hoodies
  • Tank tops
  • Joggers

These are some of the most popular options when it comes to comfortable athletic fashion.

How to Wear Athletic Styles?

Yoga pants are similar to sweat pants as they are thicker in material, stretchy and usually flare out at the bottom. You will find plenty of skinny leg version of yoga pants as well. These pants can be work with a casual shirt and sneakers or even sandals and flats with a cute blouse. If you are wearing flared yoga pants, make sure your top is well fitted to balance off the look. You can even throw on a jean jacket which is in style now and run your errands.

Fashion leggings are another athletic style option to wear. Unlike yoga pants, the material for leggings is thinner, stretchy and at time very sheer. You can wear leggings casually or dress them up with a longer top to hide your hoo-haa. Put on a tank top and a dress shirt over it for a more polished look. Complete the look with a pair of booties, flats or even your cute pumps.

Athletic leggings come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. They ware meant to be worn when you’re at the gym or working out at home. You will also find different pant lengths such as ankle length and knee length options. Athletic leggings can be worn with sports bras, cropped hoodies, tank tops and even hybrid jackets.

For an extra casual look, grab a pair of joggers. These options are loose fitting, making them extremely comfortable to wear while running errands or just chilling at home watching Netflix.

While not all of us can pull of athleisure like J.Lo does, we can try to stay on trend and incorporate the look into our style.

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