How Will Fashion Change After Lockdown?

We’ve all spend a lot of time in our homes these past few months. Most of us gave up on getting ready in the morning and stayed in our pajamas the whole day. Others made sure to go through their closets and prepare their wardrobe for after quarantine life. As things are starting to get back to normal, it’s time to get serious again and turn-on your inner fashionista. Right now some of us are wondering, after all this time, how will fashion change after lockdown?

After Quarantine Fashion

We’ve all added a new fashion trends to our wardrobe, a face mask. Celebrities, like Kim Kardashion, made sure to jump on the trend and add it to her fashion line. Besides a mask, how else has fashion changed during lock down?

COVID-19 took us by storm and made our lives upside down. Stores closed, jobs closed, even schools closed and we were left to stay at home until things settled down. While things are still not the same, stores are slowly opening up and we are stepping outside more. Now the questions is, how has quarantine life changed our fashion? Do we wear the same things as before? Do we care more about our appearance or less? Will we dress more smarter or casual? This all depends on how quarantine has affected your life and your life choices.

Will We Dress More Smarter or Casual?

After the lockdown, people are stepping out and enjoying some fresh air. They are putting on their summer dresses, shorts and tees, statement sleeves, and masks, and walking to the park. Other popular styles you’ll see outside include:

  • Crochet shirts and dresses
  • Colorful accessories
  • Polka dots
  • Denim on denim
  • Pant suits

All of these fashion trends are available for both sexes. You can choose which one is appropriate for you.

Another big trend this quarantine season were DIY shirts. From tie-dye to original t-shirts and funny quotes, the choice is yours. If you don’t have the cash to splurge on a vinyl cutter or Cricut, you can just order a shirt instead.

Due to quarantine, people will dress smarter. We’ve been so long inside that when we get a chance to go outside and meet up with family and friends we want to show them how we’ve grown. We went so long without putting on makeup or getting a haircut that it’s changed us. For some people, this was the opportunity they needed to take a breather and reevaluate themselves. Perhaps they stepped away from social media while others jumped on it to stay connected to their loved ones. In my opinion, I think people will dress smarter and add new styles to their wardrobe. What do you think? How will fashion change after lockdown?

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