Stay at Home Fashion Trends

For most of us, we’ve been working from home during quarantine. While some of us get to use Slack and can be in our PJs during the meetings others use Zoom and are visible on camera. This makes it difficult to just roll out of bed, turn on your computer and join the chat. Instead, you have to make sure that you dress properly. Even if you’re not working from home, you can’t let quarantine change your fashion trend. Here, you will find some great stay at home fashion trends that will is comfortable, practical and stylish.

What do you wear to watch Netflix?

Staying at home has made us all enjoy “Netflix and chill” a little more. We’ve all binge-watched a bunch of shows and re-watched a movie or two, or ten. Even though we are home more than ever, we should still follow a daily routine. Get up, get ready, make coffee and try to have a productive day. When it comes to stay at home fashion trends you want to be comfortable but not look like a hobo. Some great options for staying home and watching Netflix include:

SweatpantsActive summer wear is perfect for chilling at home. Make sure the set fits you well and is not 3x bigger than you. Put on a matching top, an off the shoulder sweatshirt or a cute shirt and relax.

Summer Dress– Let’s face it, you’re not watching TV just at night. It has become an all day thing instead. So, during your leisure time during the day, put on a cute summer dress. You can choose a loose tunic dress or a mini dress where you can sit and move in comfortably.

Rompers– It’s summer, the time to show off your legs and put on something cute and flirty. Rompers are another great option for stay at home fashion. They are easy to put on and come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. They can also be worn for your meetings, just put on a cardigan over it to spruce up.

Stay at Home Fashion

While in quarantine a lot of people that we depend on have to work from home. Even our news cast and television shows were affected by COVID-19 and had to improvise. We’ve seen a lot of fails, including a reporter wearing boxers and a blazer on top. Don’t be that guy. If you have to work from home make sure to dress up for it. Dressing up will make you feel like your routine is still the same. When you take the time to dress up, even when working from home, it will help improve your confidence and energy. Just like “you are what you eat”, you feel like what you wear. The below options are great for stay at home work looks.

Blouses– If you want to dress appropriate for online meetings, put on a cute blouse. If it’s sleeveless, put on a cardigan to stay cozy and professional.

Dresses– Summer dresses are in style and can be worn to work, especially if you’re still staying at home. You can put on a blazer, a cardigan or even a light summer sweater for the meeting and take the extra layer off once the meeting is done.

Jumpsuits-A jumpsuit or a romper are both good work-at-home attire options. They are comfortable, stylish and can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways. If the item is revealing, make sure to put a t-shirt or blouse under or wear a cardigan over it.

Just because you can’t jump on the bus, train or your car to get to work, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up for work. Make sure to get us, dress up and take on the day looking your best!

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