Styling up your Face Mask!

COVID-19 has given us a new fashion accessory, a face mask. We are now required to wear one when we are near people, in stores, restaurants, well, anywhere, actually. While a lot of people are annoyed at the fact that we need to wear one, this is our new norm. The face mask is supposed to protect others from you, and their mask protects you from them. Even if you think that you are safe and have no symptoms you could be carrying and spreading the virus. This is very scary and serious. So, if you want to keep staying safe and protect your loved one, wear your mask!

New Fashion Accessory

While masks are essential, they have become an accessory of a sort. They are prominent when we walk and everyone sees them. If we are going to cover our faces we don’t want to look like everyone else. It’s only natural to want something that will help us stand out. Today, everyone is coming up with a face mask design that is stylish, colorful and unique. When choosing a mask, make sure that:

  • It’s comfortable
  • Covers your nose and mouth
  • Is thick enough/multiple layers
  • Is snug
  • Washable

A cloth mask needs to be comfortable and fit you snug. This way you will not be fidgeting with it and touching your face. You also want it to be snug so that your water droplets don’t escape and contaminate others. The multiple layers will also help create a better barrier.

When it comes to cloth face masks, choose the ones that are washable and durable. You want to be able to easily wash your masks to sanitize them so they can be reused. One thing to note is that you do not want to wear N95 masks or surgical face masks. These are reserved for first responders.

Where to Get Stylish Face Masks

If you are not crafty, you can purchase a stylish mask instead. You can choose from skin-colored masks such as SKIMS Seamless Face Masks or go bald and choose color instead. Since denim is in this season, add a denim face mask to your collection. Whatever mask you choose, just make sure to wear it. Some options include:

  • Bandana Masks
  • Mesh Face Mask with Filters
  • Cotton Face Masks with Filters
  • Cloth Face Masks
  • Personalized Masks

If you want to wear a stylish bandana mask make sure that you double it. Invert the bandana and roll up the bottom half towards your face. Add a cloth filter or even a paper towel in between the layers to help catch more particles. Also, be sure that there are no air gaps around your face.

Whether you choose a trendy face mask with floral design, hearts, artwork, or fireworks, make sure that it fits well. Choose masks that are within your budget, easy to take care of and suit your style. Since we will be in this for the unforeseeable future, stock up on a variety of face masks and stay trendy!

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