Summer Color Pairing Trends 2020

Every year there is are plenty of new fashion trends to try as well as new colors we should add to our closets. This summer, stock up on stylish pieces and colors that go together and are perfect for upcoming colder months as well. One color that you will see everywhere this year is navy blue. It’s no wonder sailor-style fashion is popular and trending. If you are looking for summer color pairing trends, read on and let us help you stay stylish!

Navy Blue Goes With Everything

Navy blue is a great color that is versatile and pairs well with other colors. If you are looking for ways to add navy blue into your color pairing trends, let us help.

Navy Blue and White– These two colors go perfect together and balance each other so well. You can put on a white midi dress with a navy cardigan or blazer. Another option is to put on white pants with a navy blouse. If you have a navy romper, put on a pair of white heels or flats and a white accessories to make your outfit stand out.

Navy Blue and Beige– Another great color pairing trend is navy and beige. You can put on a pair of khaki pants or beige shorts with a navy shirt or blouse. You’ll love this color pairing well into winter days.

Navy Blue and Grey- Another popular color pairing is navy and grey. Lighter shades of grey go well with navy and will compliment it. Navy and grey can be worn causally or dressed up with a grey pencil skirt and navy blouse.

Navy and Green– Navy blue and green go well together, especially in plaid print. You can choose a green pant suit and put on a navy shirt or throw on navy shawl over your green maxi summer dress.

Navy and Orange– Navy blue and orange are another great color choice to pair together. They are opposites of one another and really pop out as a pair. You can put on a navy outfit and grab an orange bag or shoes to try this look. Since brown is basically a mellow orange, it’s also a great color combination choice with navy.

Navy Blue and Pink-Bright pastel colors are in so try something bold! Choose a pink dress with a navy sweater or blazer or put on navy pants and a pink top. The pink will really pop up against the navy attire.

Choosing the Right Summer Colors

Pairing different colors with navy is easy and fun! Don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment with colors. Just because you think it won’t go together doesn’t mean it won’t. Try a variety of styles and color combinations to bring some life back into your wardrobe. The above options are great together as well as navy blue and red, navy blue and black and navy blue and baby blue.

Recently, we have all seen how surprising life can be so why not live it fully and express ourselves with fashion? Choose pieces and colors you normally wouldn’t and see what happens. If you’re looking for complimentary colors, reference the color wheel. Remember, the above options are not only great for women but for men fashion as well.

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