Vintage Fashion Trends of 2020

It might be 2020 but the style feels like we stepped back to the 80s and 90s. Some of us might prefer it were but others are too traumatized by their previous wardrobe choices. This year, you’ll see some vintage fashion trends that are easy to pull off and will let people know you’re on trend.

Retro Fashion Trends of 2020

Big shoulders– The giant shoulders are back…sort of. They are more reformed and you can choose from subtle to dramatic shoulders. From shirts to blazers and coats the shoulder pads will be present in fall and winter as well.

Neon colors– Summer and winter fashion trends of 2020 include bright neon hues. From pants to bright neon dresses, to glow in the dark shoes, you’ll find plenty of ways to pull this look of. If you’re scared of a bright dress or shirt, start small with a neon handbag.

Oversized Pieces– If you want to hide that little extra weight you gained during quarantine, this trend has you covered. You’ll find over-sized shirts, dresses, sweaters and everything in between that will help you feel comfortable and stylish.

Plaid– In addition, plaid is everywhere this year, especially in fall fashion. From plaid shirts and pant suits to plaid hats and dresses, there will be plenty of options for you.

Halter Tops– Show off your shoulders with halter top dresses and shirts. They are a perfect option for summer trends but can be utilized in the fall as well.

Denim Love– If you love your jeans and can’t live without them you’re sure to love the denim head-to-toe look. It will bring you back to Justin and Britany denim day at the AMA. If you’re old enough to remember that.

Ways to Add Vintage Looks to Your Wardrobe

The 80s and 90s were not that long ago but in fashion trends they might as well be ancient. Like all things in fashion, things get recycled back and reinvented. If you are looking to add some vintage fashion trends into your closet do it with subtle changes or dive right in. Add a plaid shirt or dress, choose a bright maxi dress or get yourself a jacket with dramatic shoulders. Fashion is meant to be enjoyed and changed. Therefore, kick your old habits of staying within your comfort zone and try something new!  

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