Will there ever be a fashion show in “real life” again?

Due to the COVID-19 pendemic, fashion weeks have not been the same. For one, celebrities didn’t get to be all dolled up, front and centered, watching the show. Besides that, models, venues, florists, caterers, DJs, and other fashion show crew members are out of work. Due to the virus, a lot of things in fashion have changed, especially how we view it. The big questions is, will there ever be a fashion show in real life again? We shall wait and see but for now maybe digital isn’t too bad, either.

London Fashion Week Digital

The pandemic has certainly given us all something to think about and reevaluate the way we live, dress and affect the environment. In June, London set out the first digital fashion week, giving us something different than a basic catwalk show. We got to see and hear designers talk about their work, what influenced them and how they’ve used this time to be creative.

Another thing that was incorporated into design was the environment. As well as Black Lives Matter. Designers, such as Daniel Fletcher, made sure to incorporate the issue into his fashion show and set a percentage from their sales to the cause.

Overall, what we learned from London Fashion Week digital is that fashion is alive and thriving! Designers and those working with them have made fashion more personal and intimate. The show didn’t just showcase the attire and new designs but also their perspectives, dreams and impact the pandemic has had on them.

New Age of Digital Fashion Shows

After London fashion week success, others have followed suit. College fashion students presented their pieces virtually as well. As the new emerging designers, they are focusing more on real issues such as Black Lives Matter, diversity and the environment. They are also focusing on up-cycling and keeping fashion attainable.

What do you think; will there every be a fashion show in real life again? What do you think about this new digital fashion world? Will you be the first to go to a live show and wear your mask? I, for one, don’t hate it. We get to see into the lives of designers and creative minds, how they work, get inspired and how they achieved their goals while in quarantine. They are also helping the environment since no one is traveling, there isn’t traffic for miles and they are not mass producing their collections. The virus has truly affected our lives and even left its mark on fashion.

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