Winter Trends for 2021

We said goodbye to crazy 2020 and say ‘Hello’ to winter trends for 2021. While trends are made a year in advance, celebrities and we make the fashion work. This year there are some things you will see that you didn’t see in 2020. The below are the new winter trends for 2021 that you’ll love and add to your collection.

What to Wear in Winter

Quilted Styles– You know that quilt your grandma had on her bed, well now it’s on a jacket! Quilted style jackets, skirts, and pants are in abundance.

Velvet is Back– When I was younger I had a pair of velvet pants and loved them. If would wear them at least twice a week to school, until they no longer fit me. Now, I can look for something more fancier that smooth and sexy. You will easily find a velvet jacket, dress, skirt, and even a slip dress in beautiful and soft velvet. Put on a pair of flared velvet pants and your winter leather jacket and feel like a 70’s chick.

Sweater Dresses– Shape-framing sweater dresses are beautiful and comfortable. They hug your body and showcase every curve. You’ll find them in numerous of styles and colors and they will sure to keep you cozy and warm.

Leather– If it’s freezing outside you can still wear your black leather. Make sure to layer on warmer pieces such as a turtleneck shirt under your leather dress.

Puffer Jackets- I used to hate my puffer jacket when I was nine years old. Now, it’s the latest trend. The puffier the better, it seems. Puffer jackets come in various colors and styles, even cropped jackets.

These are just some of the winter trends for 2021 that you should enjoy this year. With Covid-19 still lurking, make sure to wear your face mask and enjoy every day with new fashion trends.

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